48,000 Square Feet of Productivity

Design Stage

DMI stays up to date with the latest research and changes in technology. We update AutoCAD every year to ensure the compatibility with all clients. DMI is always willing to work side by side with architects and designers to create the best possible details and attachments for each project. Our designers spend ample time considering how to achieve the greatest production outcome to meet and/or exceed our client's expectations.

Our engineering, designing, manufacturing and installation capabilities make us a one stop shop for every client.



DMI has in house sculptors with access to other world class sculptors, if needed for large scale projects. There is not anything that DMI cannot create using our products. We are known more for our custom creativity than standard cataloged products. Anything that you can dream of, think of, take photos of or simply explain to us, our sculptors can create.



Mold Making

The mold shop is key to every successful project. Our mold makers take pride in the accuracy of their work. Paying close attention to specific details enables our molds to be exactly what our clients desire. Most molds are made using fiberglass with metal supports to ensure perfection. For the fast 'one off' molds, we make them using gypsum and they can only be used a limited number of times. Our more custom ornate molds are typically done using silicone then stored indoors for protection. The use of silicone molds assures DMI being able to create any detail known to man. We have yet to find a design that cannot be created using our Fiberglass GFRG or GFRC, products. The mold shop enjoys taking on the more difficult challenges of each project.



Our facility provides a very organized flow for the GFRC/GFRG casting. The use of digital scales allow for our managers to measure each product accurately for consistent results, integral color being the most important. DMI designed and built a mixing platform that holds all equipment and materials needed for production. Using a Spray-Tech pump allows our nozzle man to be accurate with all material thickness and quality. Being that DMI does the majority of our own installations, we know that the backside of our parts is just as important as the finished side. With time, DMI can match almost any finish desired for your project.



Fiberglass Production

Our fiberglass production room is large enough to handle any size project that we take on. Once again, the air quality control was our number one thought to ensure the safety and well being of our employees. Similar to the GFRC/GFRG casting we create the same flow to our fiberglass production. With our stone finished fiberglass, DMI can match our GFRC columns below, with our fiberglass cornice above, if requested. Between the mold prep area, the gel-coat stage, and the fiberglass production, we strive to produce the highest quality, most economical fiberglass on the market.


Sandblasting / Finishing Stage

The use of three freestanding pulse - jet cartridge MCB series dust collector modules help to control the dust in our everyday use in the finish room area. All modules are designed to self clean and are easy to maintain. The protection of our employees is the first step in producing high quality products. Our state of the art sandblast room is equipped with an AAF International Opti Flo 3RC36 dust collection system. With the use of this equipment, our employees can work in a very clean and safe environment.




DMI has four full loading docks, clearing an open path for all of our shipping and receiving needs. DMI is capable of shipping our products all over the world. Crating and protecting our finished products are very important to guarantee quality products upon arrival to our clients. Rest assured that DMI can handle all of your shipping needs.





Loading Docks


DMI's installation teams have the experience and professionalism above all. We pride ourselves on the quality craftsmanship and professional installation methods. Our installation team can travel to any destination needed for our clients. Our installers work closely with our production managers to avoid any conflicts in the field that may occur. Modifications in the field happen on almost every job; therefore, having experienced DMI installers will keep your project running smoothly. DMI installers are continuing to research and design stronger yet more efficient installation attachments and methods for the future.


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